Don Campbell

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 Don Campbell (with his grandson, Soren, right) received his B.A. from Queen's University (Canada) and his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1972. He taught at the University of Toronto for twenty years before coming to William & Mary in 1990. He teaches intermediate and advanced microeconomic theory and graduate public policy courses. His research interest is mathematical economics and he also is working on two undergraduate textbooks.

Current Research:
    Symmetry in Voting.  (With Jerry Kelly) 
    Social cost and Groves mechanisms
    Non-monotonicity does not imply the no show paradox.  (With Jerry Kelly)
    Organ Transplants, Fields Medals, and Early Rounds of the Kappel Piano Competition. (With Jerry Kelly) 
    Dummy variables and strategy-proofness (With Jerry Kelly)
    Preference revelation with a limited number of indifference classes.  (With Jerry Kelly)
Selected Publications:
  • t or 1-t ? That is the Trade-off. (With Jerry Kelly). Econometrica (1993) 61: 1355-1365.
  • Incentives: Motivation and the Economics of Information. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1995)
  • Lebesgue Measure and Social Choice Trade-Offs. (With Jerry Kelly). Economic Theory (1995), 5: 445-459.
  • Arrow's Theorem for Economic Domains and Edgeworth Hyperboxes. (With Georges Bordes and Michel Le Breton). International Economic Review (1995), 36: 441-454.
  • Information and preference aggregation. (With Jerry Kelly). Social Choice and Welfare (2000) 17: 85-93.
  • A simple characterization of majority rule. (With Jerry Kelly). Economic Theory, (2000) 15: 689 - 700.
  • Trade-Offs for the Preference Revelation Problem. (With Jerry Kelly). Journal of Mathematical Economics, (2000) 34: 129 - 141..